The following books and websites may be useful in finding information for your Discovery Box.

Guile, M. (2006) Life on the Goldfields.
This book has information on everyday life on the goldfields: travel, homes, food, clothes, schools, entertainment and death. The illustrations are from photographs, paintings, diaries and objects of the time.The book gives suggestions of useful websites and places to get further information from.

Guile, M. (2010) Stories from Australia's History: Peter Lalor and the Eureka Stockade.
This book contains information on the Eureka Stockade. It has two sets of graphic pages depicting the troubles on the goldfields and the resulting Eureka Stockade. Using extracts from primary sources such as letters it asks readers to consider the conflicting viewpoints of the main people involved. It discusses the effects of the Eureka Stockade on Australian history. This is a good book to give you an overview of the Eureka Stockade and gives some websites to use for further information.

State Library of New South Wales.(2009) Eureka! The Rush for Gold.
This comprehensive website contains information about the gold rush and is illustrated by the many primary resources owned by the State Library of NSW. Use the menu on the left side of the page to find information. Particularly look at Canvas Towns, Minority Miners,and License Fees and Rebels (which is about the Eureka Stockade). In Discover More you will find links to more information on the gold rush. The illustrations are all creative commons and can be used as long as they are appropriately captioned.

Gold at Rocky River
Chinese at the Goldfields
Environmental Effects of the Gold Rush