Arnold Goode Gold at Rocky River.
The Uralla Visitor Information Centre website has information on the Gold Rush at Rocky River . The author is the President of the District Historical Society. The information is text only with some extracts from newspaper articles and official reports.In the History and Heritage menu information on Aboriginal history, settlement pioneers and the bushranger Thunderbolt can also be found.

Ryan, J.S., Goode, A., Haworth, R., O'Donohue, P. (2010) Golden Words and A Golden Landscape: Essays on Uralla gold mining history and a Glossary of the miner's language in Australia from the 1850s to 1905.
This local history book while mainly looking at local author Thomas Browne (alias Rolf Boldrewood author of "Robbery under Arms") contribution to documenting 19th century goldminers colloquial language also has scholarly articles on the gold rush at Rocky River and the Chinese presence on the Rocky River goldfield. It documents primary sources including maps, photographs, newspaper articles, petitions and lists of the time.

VHarris(2011) Gold Rush Wooden Wheelbarrow at McCrossin's Mill Museum
VHarris(2011) Sluicing Race at Rocky River