Key Words

Gold rush- a period of feverish migration into an area where gold has been found (colloquial).
Eureka Stockade- Rebellion at Ballarat against government licenses and restrictions
Gold Mining- The process of removing gold from the ground.
Peter Lalor- goldminer who led the rebellion at the Eureka Stockade
Primary Source- original source of information eg letters, diaries, contemporary drawings or objects found on archeological digs
Secondary Source- information about something by someone who was not actually there.

Six of these words have been defined for you. Use Visuwords the visual dictionary and write down definitions for the other words. Remember that some words have several meanings so chose the one that has most to do with gold-mining.

Find the following places with Google maps. Put the place name in the search box. Remember to zoom back so that you can see where the place is relative to others you know. Some of these places are towns, some are states and one is a country.
Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne, Uralla, Millbank, Young, Sydney, Bathurst, New South Wales, Victoria, China